502 - 531
Alternative Names Amalareiks (Gothic), Amalarico (Span. Port.)
Spouse Clotilde or Chrodechildis (daughter of King Clovis I of the Franks)
House Balti
Father Alaric II
Mother Theodegotha (illegitimate daughter of Theodoric the Great)
Born 502
Died 531
Assassinated by his own troops in Barcino (Barcelona), after being defeated in Narbonne by Childebert I, king of Paris.
Religion Arianism
King of the Visigoths
Preceded by
Theodoric the Great (regent)
526 - 531
Proclaimed king in 522 (with Theodoric), sole king after 526
Succeeded by
Succession Son of Alaric II, his grandfather Theodoric ruled as his regent until being old enough to rule.
Small Iberia 560