Small Iberia 206BC
Small Iberia 196BC
Active Iberia 156BC
Small Iberia 100BC
Small Iberia 50BC
Iberia 156BC
Nations Period of existence in the Peninsula
Greek colonies 575 BC - 45 BC
Roman Republic 218 BC - 27 BC
Wars Duration
1st Celtiberian War 181 BC - 179 BC

195 BC

  • Cato the Elder becomes consul, assuming the command of the whole of Hispania. Cato first put down the rebellion in the northeast, then march south and put down the revolt by the Turdetani.

193 BC

  • Consul Marco Fulvio Flaco defeats a coalition of Vacceos, Vettones and Lusones near Toletum (Toledo). The rebelling forces take refuge in the Lusone city of Contrebia Belaisca, which is taken by the consul. The rebellion is over.

181 BC

  • The Belli are forced to accept roman suzerainty by Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus.
  • Several tribes along the Ebro, especially the Lusones, rebel against Roman rule, invading Hispania Ulterior, Ebro valley and Iberic Levante in search of a lack of land on which to live. Beginning of the First Celtiberian War.

180 BC

  • Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, proconsul of Hispania Citerior, frees the city of Caravis (Magallón), a roman allie, from the Celtiberians.
  • Gracchus conquers Contrebia and the vicinities, dividing this region with the indigenous roman allies and founding Gracurris (Alfaro) for the dispossessed Celtiberians.

179 BC

  • Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus defeats the Celtiberian coalition in the battle of Moncayo, ending the 1st Celtiberian War.

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