Small Iberia 409-429
Small Iberia 455
Active Iberia 500
Small Iberia 560
Small Iberia 586
Iberia 500
Nations Period of existence in the Peninsula
Western Roman Empire 395 - 472
Suebic Kingdom 411 - 585
Visigothic Kingdom 456 - 716
Iberia Rulers 400s


  • The emperor Avitus calls the help of the Visigoths against the Suebi. Theodoric II invades Spain with an army of Visigoths, Franks, Burgundes under their kings Chilperic I and Gundioch, and perhaps even Romans.
  • October 5th: Theodoric defeat Rechiar in a battle at the Campus Paramus, twelve miles from Astorga on the Urbicus (Órbigo). Rechiar is wounded during the battle, but manage to escape.
  • October 28th: Braga, capital of the Suebi kingdom, fall and is brutally sacked by the Visigoths before moving on to conquer Andalusia.
  • December: King Rechiar is captured in Oporto and executed. The Suevic monarchy collapse and rapidly disintegrate into rival factions.


  • Remismund becomes king of a unified Suebi nation.


  • Remismund requests an Arian missionary from the Visigothic court and receive Ajax, who converts the Suevic nobility and establishes an Arian church in the kingdom.
  • Theodoric II is murdered by his younger brother Euric, who succeedes him to the throne.


  • Euric conquers southern Gallaecia and Lusitania to the Suevi.


  • Euric captures Hispania Tarraconensis, the last bastion of Roman rule in Spain.


  • Euric (who unified the various quarreling factions of the Visigoths) forces the Roman government to grant the Visigothic kingdom full independence.

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