Liuva II
King of the Visigoths
Reign 21 December 601 - June or July 603
Succession Son of Reccared I, acclaimed king by part of the nobility because he was born before the marriage of his father to his mother Baddo.
Predecessor Reccared I
Successor Witteric
Alternative Names Recared
Recaredo (Span. Port.)
Father Reccared I
Mother Baddo or Bauda
Born 583
Died June or July 603
Witteric invaded his palace, deposed him with the support of a faction of nobles, cut off the king's right hand and later had him condemned and executed. [1]
Religion Catholicism

Regnal Titles
Preceeded by
Reccared I
King of the Visigoths
601 - 603
Succeeded by



  1. Isidore, chapter 57

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