Suebic Kingdom / Kingdom of Gallaecia
Regnum Suevorum / Regnum Galliciense

411 - 585
Capital Bracara (Braga)
Language(s) Latin, Gothic [2]
Germanic Paganism, Priscillianism (until 466), Arianism (conversion in 466),
Roman Catholic (around 560)
- First King
- Last King
Hermeric (c. 409 - 438)
Andeca (584 - 585)
Currency Roman currency, Suebic currency (after 449)
Preceded by Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
Succeeded by VisigothFlag Visigothic Kingdom
  1. Known as Kingdom of Gallaecia in the 6th Century
  2. The Suebi quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
Small Iberia 409-429 Small Iberia 455 Small Iberia 500 Small Iberia 560
Wars Duration
Civil War 456 - 464



5th CenturyEdit

Iberia Rulers 400s

6th CenturyEdit

Iberia Rulers 500s


First KingsEdit

After settling in the westernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, Hermeric became the first king of the Suebi, beginning the first royal dynasty.

Name Reigned Comments
Hermeric 409 - 438 First Suebic king
Rechila 438 - 448 Son of Hermeric
Rechiar 448 - 456 Son of Rechila

Kings during the Civil WarEdit

In the aftermath of Rechiar's death, multiple candidates for the throne appeared, finally grouping into two allegiances. The division between the two groups was marked by the Minius River (now Minho River), probably as a consequence of the localities of the Quadi and Marcomanni tribes, who constituted the Suebi nation on the Iberian Peninsula.

Name Reigned Comments
Aioulf 456 - 457 Proclaimed himself king
Maldras 456 - 460 Elected king by the Suebi
Framta 457 Some of the Suebi abandoned Maldras and proclamed Framta as king
Richimund 457 - 464 Sucessor of Framta, although not recorded as king
Frumar 460 - 464 Sucessor of Maldras, although not recorded as king
Remismund 464 - 469 Proclaimed soled king after Frumar's death

Dark PeriodEdit

Period of obscurity, with very little remaining information on the history of this area.

Name Reigned Comments
Hermeneric fl. c. 485
Veremund fl. c. 485 Existence is conjectured
Theodemund 6th century

Final Suevic PeriodEdit

The Suevic Kingdom is overshadowed by the Visigoths, until being finally absorbed due to succession discussion.

Name Reigned Comments
Chararic c. 550 - 558/559 His historicity is doubted
Ariamir 558/559 - 561/566 First Catholic monarch of the Sueves
Theodemar 561/566 - 570 Administrative and ecclesiastical division of the Kingdom
Miro 570 - 583 Son of Theodemar
Eboric 583 - 584 Son of Miro. Last legitimate king
Audeca 584 - 585 The last de facto Suebic king of Gallaecia