Active Iberia 409-429 Small Iberia 455 Small Iberia 500 Small Iberia 560
Iberia 409-429
Suebic flag

Suebic Kingdom
Regnum Suevorum

Capital Bracara (Braga)
Language(s) Latin, Gothic [1]
Religion Germanic Paganism, Priscillianism
Government Monarchy
Currency Roman currency
Preceded by Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
  1. The Suebi quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
Name Reigned Comments
Hermeric 409 - 438 First Suebic king


  • Roman emperor Honorius divide most of Iberia sorte (by lot) between the barbarian peoples, who become foederati, permitting to settle under their own autonomous governance in exchange of warriors to the Roman armies.
  • The east of the province of Gallaecia fall to the Suevi, while the west of the province goes to the populous Hasdingi.


  • The Hasdingi Vandals attack the Suevi, but they resist with Roman aid, eventually expelling the Hasdingi from Gallaecia.

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