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Iberia 560
Suebic flag

Suebic Kingdom / Kingdom of Gallaecia
Regnum Suevorum / Regnum Galliciense

Capital Bracara (Braga)
Language(s) Latin, Gothic [1]
Religion Arianism, Roman Catholic (around 560)
Government Monarchy
Currency Suebic currency
Succeeded by VisigothFlag Visigothic Kingdom
  1. The Suebi quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
Name Reigned Comments
Chararic c. 550 - 558/559 His historicity is doubted
Ariamir 558/559 - 561/566 First Catholic monarch of the Sueves
Theodemar 561/566 - 570 Administrative and ecclesiastical division of the Kingdom
Miro 570 - 583 Son of Theodemar
Eboric 583 - 584 Son of Miro. Last legitimate king
Audeca 584 - 585 The last de facto Suebic king of Gallaecia



  • Theodemar begins the most important administrative and ecclesiastical division of the Suebic Kingdom.


  • Miro conducts an expedition against the Ruccones (Runcones) of Cantabria. This attack on a people within the Visigothic kingdom serves an excuse for Gothic reprisals against the Sueves.


  • Leovigild subdues the Suevi region of Sabaria.


  • Leovigild restores the province of Cantabria to his dominion.


  • Leovigild invades the Aregensian Mountains, bringing the region under his power.


  • Leovigild marches to the southern frontier of Galicia (the Douro river) and menaces the small kingdom, even founding the city of Villa Gothorum (modern Toro). Miro sues for peace, and obtains it for a short time.


  • The deposition of the legitimate king Eboric gives Leovigild an excuse to invade the Suevic kingdom. Leovigild deprives the captured King Andeca of his rule, and brings the territory of the Suevi under his own power, making Galicia a province of the Visigothic kingdom.
  • Malaric rises in rebellion, claiming the Suevi throne, but is defeated by King Leovigild's generals and captured.

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