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Visigothic Kingdom
Regnum Visigothorum
[1] / Gutþiuda Þiudinassus [2]
Capital Tolosa (Toulouse)
Vicus Julii (Aire-sur-l'Adour): after 466 (alternately with Tolosa)
Language(s) Latin [3], Gothic [4]
Religion Arianism
Government Monarchy
Currency Solidus = 3 Tremissis
Territories taken from Western Roman Empire flag - Thumb Western Roman Empire
Suebic flag Suebic Kingdom
  1. Latin
  2. Gothic
  3. The Visigothic quickly adopted the Latin as the official language.
  4. Spoken among elite until 589.
Name Reigned Comments
Theodoric II 453 - 466 Son of Theodoric I. Murdered by his brother Euric.
Euric 466 - 484 Son of Theodoric I.
Alaric II 484 - 507 Son of Euric. Last king of the Visigothic Kingdom of Toulouse.


  • The emperor Avitus calls the help of the Visigoths against the Suebi. Theodoric II invades Spain with an army of Visigoths, Franks, Burgundes under their kings Chilperic I and Gundioch, and perhaps even Romans.
  • October 5th: Theodoric defeat Rechiar in a battle at the Campus Paramus, twelve miles from Astorga on the Urbicus (Órbigo). Rechiar is wounded during the battle, but manage to escape.
  • October 28th: Braga, capital of the Suebi kingdom, fall and is brutally sacked by the Visigoths before moving on to conquer Andalusia.
  • December: King Rechiar is captured in Oporto and executed. The Suevic monarchy collapse and rapidly disintegrate into rival factions.


  • Theodoric II is murdered by his younger brother Euric, who succeedes him to the throne.


  • Euric conquers southern Gallaecia and Lusitania to the Suevi.


  • Euric captures Hispania Tarraconensis, the last bastion of Roman rule in Spain.


  • Euric (who unified the various quarreling factions of the Visigoths) forces the Roman government to grant the Visigothic kingdom full independence.

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